Thursday, February 03, 2005


Update on Air Canada Strike

I did make my flight at 5:30 AM as scheduled. Funny thing about PE Trudeu Airport however, the place closes down at 3:30 AM and opens again one hour later for passengers. I waited all night for my flight, at 3:30 I was asked, by a security guard, to leave the boarding area and go back through security check. Nice eh?

This was a comment that I sent to George Stroumboulopoulos, who is the too-cool-for-school host of the CBC's new and hip show The Hour.


I just caught the show for the 1st time tonight and I was pleasantly surprised. I was entertained and informed.

Got a story for you that happened to me last week while I was stuck at Dorval on Wens night following the wildcat strike. I was sitting in the departure lounge at 1AM Thursday morning (after being there for 4 hours) and a group of drunk AC managers came in and got on a special flight back to Pearson - which was supposed to be shut down for the night (from what I heard at 8:30PM earlier). My flight left at 5:30AM so I thought of this as one of those special moments in aviation history that might be interesting and informative.



As yet I have received no response from either Mr. Stroumboulopoulos or his staff. I should say however that even though I seem to be quiet critical of George in this blog I was being sincere with regards to my compliment to him. I was pleasantly surprised by the content of The Hour.

CA Bob

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