Thursday, February 10, 2005


Update on Ontario Politics Rant

My appologies to the Government on the Internet Predator thing. In my first reading of this I could have sworn I saw some mention of requiring ISPs to give up information about their customers and the sites that they surf. As I read it again I see that is not the case.

McGuinty Government Helps Protect Children against Internet Predators

Backgrounder: Combating Internet Crimes Against Children In Ontario

McGuinty Government Works To Protect Children From Internet Crimes

I still have a bone to pick (couldn't resist :) ) over the Pit Bull Ban.

The specific legislation that I'm talking about is this:

Bill 132 2004

An Act to amend the Dog Owners' Liability Act to increase public safety in relation to dogs, including pit bulls, and to make related amendments to the Animals for Research Act


Pit bull ban
6. Except as permitted by this Act or the regulations, no person shall,
(a) own a pit bull;
(b) breed a pit bull;
(c) transfer a pit bull, whether by sale, gift or otherwise;
(d) abandon a pit bull other than to a pound operated by or on behalf of a municipality, Ontario or a designated body;
(e) allow a pit bull in his or her possession to stray;
(f) import a pit bull into Ontario; or
(g) train a pit bull for fighting.


I won't bore you any further with the legal bits, suffice to say that this specific prohibition against "pit bulls" is not really workable. Incidentally, making (g) cover all dogs would basically mean the end of police canine units. Unfortunately, the bill is already through second reading and it looks sure to pass.

If you really want to read the entire text of the bill, and those it ammends then I direct you to the following links:

Bill 132, Public Safety Related to Dogs Statute Law Amendment Act

Bill 161, Dog Owners' Liability Amendment Act

Animals for Research Act

Dog Owners Liability Act

CA Bob

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